Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Why is it only 10 packages per month, can I send more?

A. It's 10 packages per month so that we are able to provide affordable rates for you. Yes, you can send more than 10 packages, the top up rate is SGD $2 per additional packages.


Q. Why do you need a refundable deposit?

A. Refundable deposit is needed so that in the case that you instruct us with additional service such as quality and quantity checking or overweight parcel, we will do it immediately.


Q. Do you need a refundable deposit if I only subscribe for 1 month?

A. Yes we do.


Q. I received damaged item, what should I do?

A. If you had used our additional service of SGD $2 per box for Quality Control check, we will process refund of the item.

Other than that, we only do an physical box check when the parcel arrive at our station and notify you with the pictures. We will not open the box unless stated.


Q. If I want to send item home, will the quality and qty checking fee waived since you will open my parcel anyway?

A. Yes, there is no additional charge for physical quality and qty checking if you send the package home


Q. What if my order did not arrive at the station?

A. We are able to trace and trace Parcels if they are under "Help in Purchase" add on services only. Once parcel arrival, we will proceed to notify you on the same day.


Q. Can Fabulous Scoot Cargo receive items from outside of SINGAPORE?

A. Yes, we can receive the items from outside SINGAPORE below SGD $400 free of charge. But if the declared value is beyond SGD $400, there will be additional fee of 7% GST from the local government and 5% admin fee as disbursement.


Q. When will my deposit returned if i decide not to continue

A. Within 7 working days, we will return your deposit


Q. Why do you need copies of my Passport and ID?

A. We need your copies of Passport and ID so that we can help you collect bulky items from Singpost on your behalf if there is a need.


Q. Can you explain more about the SGD $500 value?

A. If there were any damaged items, we will not be held responsible for items damaged during the shipping process.

If you have high value items at our warehouse that cost more than SGD $500 per item, it is recommended to declare the value and insured the items.


Q. Maximum size of the parcel is 1 meter x 1 meter x 1 meter. Is it true?

A. Yes. If you have specified size, you can simply just top up SGD $5 and we will take care of your parcel.


Q. How do you decide which size of boxes to send packages?

A. Our decision on size of boxes will prioritize on the safety of the items.


Q. If I'm interested to join up, after filling up the Registration form on the main page what is my next step?

  • Step 1: Fill out the Registration form
  • Step 2: Please add to chart under 'Pay Menu' for
  • Refundable Deposit (First time user) + Subscription Plan
  • Step 3: Pay the Subscription via your preferred method.
  • Our Payment method:
  • 1. Visa, Master Card, Paypal
  • 2. Direct Transfer to BCA Indonesia or OCBC Singapore Account
  • *For direct transfer BCA Indonesia, we use Rp.10,000 / SGD